SONAC creates and fosters a
lifelong passion for STEM
SIGN UP NOW Sisterhood of Native American Coders Inspiring Next Gen Innovators Providing engaging STEM programs

Welcome to SONAC

SONAC: Sisterhood of Native American Coders is a nonprofit that creates access and exposure to the field of computer science (CS) to address the disparities in opportunities to learn for underrepresented Native American girls.

The mission of SONAC is to inspire the next generation of young female innovators to pursue careers in STEM by engaging them at an early age (9-12 yrs.) when interest levels can falter so to create and foster a lifelong passion for STEM.

SONAC Programs

SONAC will provide an engaging introduction to STEM for Native American girls. Participants will receive guidance and instruction from a fellow girl in STEM, Elisabeth Holm, with over 7 years of programming experience, expertise in 7 programming languages, as well as years of experience with arduinos, robotics competitions, and a lifetime of knowing how to have fun in STEM.

Meet the Team

Elisabeth A. Holm
Elisabeth Holm, an aspiring computer scientist with a passion for AI/Machine learning, has been an ambassador and advocate for girls in STEM for 8 years.
Ms. Czarina Salido
Czarina Salido found her passion for STEM at The University of Arizona after gravitating towards questions of mathematics and science, and the philosophies behind them
Ms. Lina Ramos
Board Member
Lina Ramos is an Entrepreneur applying technology in business for positive change. For the last 20 years she has built compliance driven CleanTech and RegTech ventures that protect the environment and people.

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New Program Teaching Native American Girls to Code

New Program Teaching Native American Girls to Code

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